Icecream Timeline

Hot summers end extreme heatwaves always pushed people to find some way to cool themselves. This quest enabled the creation of many innovative dishes and traditions, but only one item of them all managed to capture our imagination and wishes, giving everyone time to enjoy their moments in the sun and cool themselves like never before. This is a story of ice cream.

The History

  • China is believed to be the origin of icecream, as they were the one who produced types of equipment for making sorbets and icecream at around 200BC
  • In 37-68 AD, It was recorded that emperor Nero had bought icecream from the alps to create chilled delicacies with mixed fruit toppings
  • In 16th century Mughal Emperor used horseman to obtain icecream from the Hindu Kush to produce fruit sorbets
  • In 1674 the first recipe of flavored icecream appeared followed by various recipes which was later begin to be published in 1694
  • From the mid 18th century icecream became very popular and readily available to the ordinary people