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The Sweet History of Chocolate

Chocolate was long considered the “food of the gods,” and later, a delicacy for the elite. But for most of its history, it was actually consumed as a bitter beverage rather than the sweet, edible treat it has become worldwide. Produced from the seeds of tropical cacao trees native to the rainforests of central and south …

Superfood SAttu

Superfood Sattu

The calcium and protein-rich sattu has several health benefits, from improving bowel movement, increasing appetite, reducing weight to increasing energy. For those (especially the millennials) not familiar with sattu, it is a powder made by grinding dry-roasted Bengal gram. And in Bihar, people who consume it are fondly called ‘Sattukhor’.  Often referred to as ‘poor man’s food’, …

Journey of Jalebi

The journey of Jalebi

Jalebi is the type of Indian dessert popular in south and western Asia. Whether eaten with the humble breakfast of poori-sabzi or the evening snack of Samosa and chai, consumed alone, in milk or with curd, jalebi can be enjoyed hot, cold or even daylong stale. For ages, Indians have been going ga-ga over this unparalleled …

history of pizza

The Story of Pizza

First Pizza was recorded around the 10th century. It was accidentally discovered by soldiers as a comfort during the war, they actually bake the bread on their war shield. The pizza was brought to America by Italian migrants. 13 percent of the American population consumes pizza on any given day.